Empowering companies to make smarter, quicker, and more efficient decisions.

Stream Systems is revolutionizing the mining and industrial sectors with advanced modeling and simulation software that explores the end-to-end value chain. Our technology simplifies the process for companies to quickly pinpoint and tackle optimization and decision-making challenges by leveraging Machine Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and AI to drive future growth.


Our key platform & products

At Stream Systems, we redefine the capabilities of the mining and industrial sectors through our state-of-the-art dynamic simulation software. Designed to enhance decision-making, our platform goes beyond traditional task management. Our unique approach, Software with a Service (SwaS), ensures our solutions integrate effortlessly across diverse industries, systems, and functions.

We offer a robust software suite that empowers your team to master the value chain, optimize financial strategies, advance decarbonization efforts, and drive continuous improvement. With Stream Systems, you gain a strategic partner that equips you to streamline operations and future-proof your business against an ever-evolving industrial landscape.


At Stream Systems, we specialize in advancing mining and industrial operations with superior decision support. By integrating high-fidelity models, Machine Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL), AI, and the latest simulation techniques, we deliver significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and operational availability. Our customized solutions are designed to meet your specific challenges, ensuring optimized results for more efficient operations. We support the market with comprehensive software products and customer services, tailored to assist with specialized analysis and development needs.

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