Revolutionizing Simulation Software Solutions


Fleet Allocation & Multi-Objective Optimization

Optimize shovel assignment and truck allocation for maximum system throughput, equipment utilization, efficiency and productivity.

Autonomous Haulage System, Analysis & Optimization

Identify the best combination of improvements to increase system throughput and optimize equipment utilization. Event, speed, bunching, fleet balancing analysis.


Today energy emissions, haul road networks and site topology. Emulate tomorrow’s energy types over LoM. Generate your future energy requirement and overall infrastructure procurement planning.

Mine Plan Validation

Multi-period, multi-year mine plan time horizon integration. Exercising continuous improvement and decarbonization strategies against your multi-year mine plan with advanced agent-based simulation software.

Value Chain

End-to-end process model, including mining, processing, rail, port and market.  Emulate system throughput from increased haul utilization and process plant availability. Identify system constraints and bottlenecks.


Integrating cost and revenue parameters for energy transition. Perform activity-based cost modelling to quantify and prioritize decision making drivers. Financial ROI, TCO or NPC Analysis.
Our state-of-the-art dynamic simulation software delivers advanced decision support for mining and industrial operations. Fueled by our unique software, with associated services approach (Software with a Service – SwaS), our solutions transcend basic task execution by engaging with diverse industry functions, components, and systems, strengthening capabilities and skillfully navigating Finance, Emissions Reduction, Decarbonization, and Continuous Improvement challenges.

Revolutionize Mining Fleet Operations to optimize cost and achieve enhanced efficiency, while emulating the next generation of carbon-free mobile assets.

Holistic system analysis, encompassing a thorough understanding across the entire value chain of complex systems.


SimOpti is a cloud-based platform, enabling you to perform simulation modeling any place you have an internet connection. Our application paves the way for a digital engine focused on delivering results in minutes from complex simulated systems.


Fleet Optimization

Is your fleet optimized? Manually operated fleet or Autonomous Haul System (AHS) are often not achieving expected performance metrics. Will

Energy Transition, Fleet Electrification

What is the best alternative energy solution on mobile fleet to meet corporate GHG reduction targets?