We redefine efficiency and productivity in modern and remote mining operations by providing a comprehensive range of mining solutions that cover the entire mining value chain, featuring optimization and execution tools designed to address all time horizons.

In the realm of mining, where the imperative is to curtail GHG emissions, bolster sustainability, expedite production, and fulfill demands for critical minerals, sustaining efficiency, productivity, and profitability is paramount.

Recognizing the essential role of innovation in resource utilization and technology implementation, our software intervenes. Despite the inherent challenges of integrating innovation into mining operations, Stream System’s simulation emerges as a seamless solution. It furnishes comprehensive mining output statistics and will soon provide dynamic operational views, facilitating in-depth analysis, optimization, and experimentation—all without disrupting ongoing operations.

Remaining efficient, productive, and profitable is crucial for modern mining operations. We recognize the need for innovation in both utilizing existing resources and implementing new technology. This is where our software comes into play.

Integrating innovation into existing mining operations or new projects is often challenging, causing interruptions and delays. However, failing to do so jeopardizes long-term productivity. Stream System’s mining simulation offers a solution, providing mining output statistics and dynamic views of operations for analysis, optimization, and experimentation—all without operational interruption.

Our Simulation technologies is mainly used for 

  • Production optimization

  • Fleet Utilization

  • Procurement planning

What are the three key benefits for the user?

  • Continuous improvement culture

  • Informed decisions

  • De-risking  decision 

  • Cost focus through a simulated TCO/NPC