Oil & Gas

Revolutionize your Oil and Gas operations with our simulation software. Overcome industry challenges by seamlessly implementing innovation, optimizing maintenance schedules, mitigating delivery risks, and empowering informed decision-making from drilling to distribution.

Transform your Oil & Gas operations with Stream System’s simulation software, navigating industry challenges with innovation and optimizing maintenance schedules for sustainable profitability. From mitigating delivery risks to empowering informed decision-making, Stream Systems provides the key to detailed analysis and effective developments in the oil and gas sector.

Transfer process and design 

  • Operation Planning 

  • Site/Field production

  • Network design 

Facility and Terminal Simulator

  • Understand facility throughput; verify volumes can be processed and understand pinch points and bottlenecks
  • Meet market commitments with certainty and gain insight into where and how to manage fluids
  • Perform multi year simulation to identify gaps between long-range drilling plans and potential facility expansion plans
  • Terminal:
    • Storage and tank management and analysis
    • Equipment scheduling and utilization
    • Batch movement and analysis
    • Pipeline capacity analysis
    • Shipper impact analysis

Commercial Optimizer

  • Maximize revenue by optimizing purchased volumes to meet sales specifications
  • Validate feedstock selection for blending facilities
  • Understand impact of product pricing, blending and production costs, and impact of product quality on equalization costs and credits

Gathering System Optimizer

  • Optimize multi-year drilling schedules to maximize revenue while maintaining fluid production rates 
  • Understand CAPEX and OPEX impacts of modifying drilling schedules
  • Use reservoir management software output data as input