Value Focused: Adept at narrowing focus, removing waste, aligning resources and strategies toward tangible outcomes.

Innovative Thinker: Mark embraces the idea that standing still is moving backward. Drives a culture of challenge and experimentation, empowering teams to push the boundaries of what is possible through technology adoption and innovation.

Change Influencer: Looks beyond the status quo, and short-term trends or reimagine traditional practices or to explore new business models. Understands the value of existing people, process, and systems in evaluating the impact and effort of change.

Meet Mark, who has worked in the mining industry for over 25 years in operations, planning, technology deployment, technical services, consulting, and project management for operators and with OEMs. Mark has worked in management positions enable him to relate to our mining customers challenges and needs.

Mark lead’s our Mining Services team, supports the product development and R&D teams. Focusing on the customer and execution, he ensures our clients’ needs are met and exceeded by bringing his global experience working on numerous mining technology challenges. Mark leverages his experience to work with mining companies to achieve the most out of their capital deployment, assisting them with operational transformation, catalyzing energy transition, and other strategic objectives.

Outside work, Mark has a passion for empowering youth through sport. Mark has volunteered, fundraised, served on the executive and as President of a Community Hockey Organization.

A Geological Engineer by training, Mark is a P.Eng. in Alberta and has worked on multiple global mining projects. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn.