Bruno Rizzuto has over 25 years in executive management leveraging from experience in a wide range of industries including but not limited to mining, oil and gas, energy, mass transportation, military and manufacturing. Co-founding his first start-up, Cadre Staffing Inc. (Cadre) in 2004 focusing on executive search and technical recruitment, he built an extensive network in the that has contributed to his success to date.  

For the past 12 years, Bruno has led investments through Cadre in various companies and has become part of the key management team for both Carbon Clean Energy Inc.(CCE) and Stream Systems Ltd. (Stream).  At CCE, Bruno’s contributions led to the creation of Future Energy Park, North America’s largest Carbon Negative Renewable Natural Gas and Ethanol Project alongside its partners Green Impact Partners and PCL. With the sale of the project, CCE retains a significant interest in the project. Construction of the $1.5 billion facility (which has secured all its environmental permits) is expected to commence in 2024 in Calgary, Alberta. Bruno remains a board member of both CCE and Future Energy Park Development Company.

Bruno joined Stream in 2015 as the VP, Corporate Development alongside one of its founding partners Dumitru Cernelev. He became CEO in 2016 and has since led multiple financing rounds including a Series “A” with a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Focused on industrial software, Stream’s vision is to utilize a combination of simulated data, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to aggregate behaviors of complex systems to drive productivity growth with the least amount of energy. Bruno and his team are passionate about providing customers value today on environmental, efficiency, and profitability while moving towards a net-zero future. Educated at Brock University, Bruno holds a Master of Arts (Public Administration) and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.